Women’s Coaching Workshop



Sunday 25 February 2018  10-4 pm Melbourne

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Cost $150

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WOMEN’S COACHING WORKSHOP (maximum 6 participants)

Would you like to discover the real you – the authentic you?

Would you like to get excited and inspired by your life?
Do you feel you are not living the life you want and feel stuck?
Do you feel your life has lost a bit of direction?
Would you like to get clarity of what you really want so you can make good decisions for the future?

Then do something for yourself. This is the inspirational workshop for you – that may just change your life. Being aware of  your strengths, values and passions will give you a strong foundation to start moving in the right direction to create the life you want and were born to live. The past is not important. You can’t change that. But you can change the future and that is something you can control. So here is the first step – take control. During this one day workshop we will cover the following topics:

Discovering the authentic you
Uncover your strengths, passions and values. What gives you meaning and purpose
Creating your life blueprint for the next 3 – 12 months
Create a positive mindset for success. Being positive not just thinking positive
Enjoy the company of like minded people who might be in the same situation as yourself

Feel good about yourself and your future. Positive emotions play an important part in managing your mood and therefore your overall happiness. Feeling positive (not thinking positive) is contagious and science proves this conclusively.  This innovative workshop based on the science of positive psychology will take you on a journey to uncover the “real you”. You will discover what makes you unique and so special, your passions and your values. You will learn so much about yourself and how you can take action to build the life you were born to live.

This is such an affordable workshop when you consider just an hour personal coaching session could cost you anywhere from $200 – $700. This one day seminar is priceless. You will leave the workshop with a plan going forward and the invitation to join our exclusive Splendour Group Coaching sessions to support your ongoing success in reaching your goals.

Group Coaching presents a unique opportunity and has great benefits. You will realise you are not alone, enjoy a caring support group which can help you find your “voice” whilst providing a safe environment to air and sort through your thoughts. This is a facilitated session with clear goals to be achieved each time. Our clients find group coaching to be a   powerful and rewarding learning experience. You will learn invaluable tools to manage your mind and strategies grounded in validated science to live your purpose with peace, clarity. This workshop is inspiring and is exclusively just for women. It promises to be a life-changing experience. Are you ready to meet the most important person in your life? That’s you. Are you ready to live a life full of passion, peace and joy? Well that’s now!

What past participants have to say about the program.

“Absolutely inspiring and empowering. I feel so confident about my future”  Patricia M.

“I didn’t realise how much control I can have over my own life!”   Siobhan F.

” I just feel at peace. I didn’t realise how I was living a life my family wanted but was not true for me. With Lela’s help I am being more true to myself but doing it in a compassionate but brave way. Thank you so much. This has been a life-changing experience.”  Kathleen C.

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