Positive Parenting Workshop



COUPLE’S WORKSHOP: Perfect for expecting couples who want to create the best possible future for their child.

What will you get out from this workshop?
Parenthood is a wonderful thing but also full of new experiences. Learn what science has to say about how you can bring up your child through the lens of positive parenting.

• Learn the Top 10 things you can do to create positive family  life?
• What is strength-based parenting?
• Uncover your relationship’s strengths, passions and values
• Creating your family blueprint for the next 3 –  12 months
• Enjoy the company of like minded couples who are in the same situation as yourself

Feel good about your future.  This couples workshop based on the science of positive psychology will take you on a journey to uncover what drives your relationship and what is important to you as a couple. It will remind you of what is so good about your relationship and how to leverage that to enjoy your new life as parents.  It is about authenticity and embracing each other’s dreams. You will learn so much about yourself and your partner.  You will leave the workshop with a plan going forward and the opportunity to continue with group coaching if you would like ongoing support.

This is not a counselling workshop nor is it about looking for weaknesses or to analyse what is wrong in your relationship. This is an uplifting and positive experience for you as a couple. Instead it is an exciting journey into what could be. The workshop highlights the good things about your relationship and leveraging these strong foundations to create the the joyous future filled with purpose and meaning.  You will learn invaluable positive tools to manage your mind and thoughts that will enable you to live your purpose with peace, clarity and joy day to day. This workshop is fun, intimate, inspiring and is a wonderful way to connect with your partner.

Are you ready to spend a day discovering your best possible future with your partner?
Are you ready to live a life full of passion, peace and joy?  Register now!

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