Corporate Wellbeing Program



CORPORATE WORKSHOP: Employee Wellbeing Workshop

Perfect workshop for employees on how they can be at their best for work and home.

• Would you like to bring the best out in your employees?
• What does science tell us about happiness and why career wellbeing is so important?
• Would you like to align meaning and purpose to what your employees do everyday?
• What daily habits can your employees start that will enhance their happiness and therefore their productivity?
•Would you like to be recognised for being an employer that actually increases their employees wellbeing by working for you?

Then this is a transformational workshop for your organisation. World leading research organisation Gallup says that wellbeing at work is one of the most important determinants of a good life. When you think about it – we spend almost a third of our life at work. Gallup research collected from over 150 countries found that only 8% of employees experienced higher wellbeing from work. That means 92% employees are more likely to be disengaged, unproductive and even unhappy.

Do your employees bring their best to work? Or do they call in sick, are disengaged,  have decreased productivity and poor mental and physical health. All of this costs organisations millions of dollars. Wellbeing of employees can be measured, managed and quantified. When an organisation invests into the wellbeing of their employees, research shows that employees in turn will invest back into the company positively.

Splendour Labs are experts in formulating Strategic Corporate Wellbeing Programs tailored to your current corporate culture to achieve specific goals. With our robust understanding of business and our creative marketing communications experience we create programs that are effective. Our programs can include the following:

Strategic Planning Days. Uncover your organisation’s strengths and leverage that to achieve your Vision.
Professional Individual or Group Coaching.
Targeted wellbeing programs for company, departments and teams.
Creating your Company blueprint for the next 3-12 months.
Company Wellbeing Profiler. Evaluating whether your organisation contributes to the wellbeing of your employees.

Are you ready to change the lives of your employees. Give them the gift of finding joy at work.

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