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Bring the Best out in your Organisation

Splendour Labs Consulting has over 25 years of organisational experience in employee engagement, cultural change, creative internal communications that can underpin a Positive Organisation through positive strategies grounded in science. We work specifically around your needs and enhance your organisation’s current people and performance program and strategy. We create bespoke programs that align with your goals delivered in a way that is congruent with your company culture.

World leading research organisation Gallup says that wellbeing at work is one of the most important determinants of a good life. When you think about it – we spend almost a third of our life at work. Gallup research collected from over 150 countries found that only 8% of employees experienced higher wellbeing from work. That means 92% employees are more likely to be disengaged, unproductive and even unhappy.

Do your employees bring their best to work? Or do they call in sick, are disengaged,  have decreased productivity and poor mental and physical health. All of this costs organisations millions of dollars. Wellbeing of employees can be measured, managed and quantified. When an organisation invests into the wellbeing of their employees, research shows that employees in turn will invest back into the company positively.

Tailored Employee and Organisation Workshops

Splendour Labs are experts in formulating strategic corporate wellbeing programs tailored to your current corporate culture to achieve specific goals. With our robust understanding of business and our creative marketing communications experience we can create and communicate programs that are effective.


Annual Strategic Planning Days with a Difference

Next time your organisation would like to work though any challenges, help prioritise goals or create a brainstorming session, why not consider a “positive approach” known as Appreciative Inquiry (AI). Appreciative Inquiry was developed by the respected Prof. David Cooperider who has used AI with incredible success to navigate difficult discussions in an uplifting and collaborative way. Some recognised organisations who have embraced this incredible strategic management process include the United Nations and British Airways. Instead of your managers and employees walking out of your planning session drained and defensive, they will feel inspired and personally connected to your outcomes. This process does not ignore problems; instead it focuses on what you want to achieve and frames these pathways in a positive way. Through this process problems actually are solved but in a positive and constructive manner.


What is Appreciative Inquiry?

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a scientifically proven strengths based change approach that is used extensively and successfully around the world. Focusing on your organisation’s strengths and positive stories it provides the opportunity to ignite constructive conversation, envision images of a positive future and provides pathways for inspiring collective action and sustainable positive change. It recognises that organisations and in fact any human system moves in the direction of the questions they ask. When organisations focus on problems and issues they often unconsciously magnify the problems and issues they were trying to resolve. Similarly when an organisations work as a whole moving forward from its strengths and positive core, it creates an impetus of positive change amplifying and creating possibilities and pathways never before imagined that is sustainable and authentic. AI doesn’t mean we ignore our problems and issues but rather that we address them from a different pathway and mindset which is more constructive, inspirational and connects your employees to your outcomes with passion and authenticity.

AI : Four Key Steps
1. Discover: What is your organisation’s “positive core”? Let’s leverage what is already good about the organisation.
2. Dream:  What would your organisation look like at its best? What might be? What want for our organisation.
3. Design: How will we do this ? Let us formulate pathways to move forward and create a prototype and test it.
4. Destiny: Who, When and Where ?  Let us create a detailed plan to ensure success.


Are you ready to change the lives of your employees? Then give them the gift of finding joy at work.