Splendour Coaching Formats

We do individual and group coaching sessions. To determine which format is the best “fit” and will be the most effective for you, we invite you to call us.

Individual Coaching is one-on-one coaching. It can be very dynamic and a great deal can be achieved in one session. Our sessions will be honest, effective and powerful but always underpinned with the unerring goal to achieve your goals.

As our relationship will be important, it works well when there is a good “fit” between the the coach and the client. Therefore we offer a reduced introductory coaching session to hear your goals and readiness for change, as well as answer any questions you might have about the process. Please contact me to make a time.

Group Coaching is a coaching session shared with other people. In these sessions you will experience connection and facilitated coaching. You will meet like minded individuals with whom you can share your journey. They will become a confidential support network and sounding board. In a group it may help you to realise that you are not alone as other people may also be experiencing or have experienced your problem – giving you valuable perspective. You may also be inspired by the progress of others which gives you the courage to push forward with your own progress. More importantly, in a group you may feel accountable to achieve your goals as you  share your progress each session which is motivating in itself.


Benefits of Coaching

Splendour coaching is a transformational relationship that accelerates and is a catalyst for positive change. Our coaching process is grounded in positive psychology science. It is a science based process to achieve great performance by identifying your purpose and living out that purpose with authenticity. Some people live fulfilling lives filled with  joy and purpose.  They feel energised and alive. You know when you are not living your potential or when you are not at your best. Signs include feeling overwhelmed, being unable to make decisions, hesitant, confused, empty, unfulfilled, de-energised or even fearful. Essentially they feel disconnected. This can occur anytime in our lives but we have found that these moments are more likely to happen during important life changes when we re-evaluate our life –  like the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, retirement, getting married, becoming a parent, experiencing a severe illness or when close friends and colleagues seem to be doing better than us that we may question our very being and purpose. We help you to connect to your true self. We can help you create practical pathways leveraging your  strengths, passions and values. When you are being true to yourself and living authentically you are more likely to live the life that truly makes you happy.


The difference between a Coach and a Positive Psychology Coach

Splendour Coaching brings not only the artful skills of professional coaching but we also bring the expertise of the science of positive psychology. This way we not only help you to create pathways to reach your goals but we use science to help you to be in the best positive state where you will be more likely to successfully pursue your goals.  As experts of positive psychology – we understand what drives human happiness. This is the ultimate coaching experience. Why settle for just a coach?

Contact us to find the program and coaching format that would be perfect for you.