Author: Lela McGregor

Love is micro-moments of shared positive connection.

Traditionally you associate the emotion of love with the romantic, unconditional relationship with a soulmate or the love you feel for your family.  Positive psychology professor, Barbara L. Fredrickson in her book Love 2.0  redefines this traditional notion of love. …

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Self compassion – be kind to yourself.

Have you ever talked yourself down? I am guilty of doing that. My inner critic is often talking loud and clear in my head and worse yet – I am listening and taking notes. It is a terrible affliction as …

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The Greatest Gift of All

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to spend your life doing what you love. Since I was a little girl I loved drawing and colours and always hoped Santa would leave me colouring books for Christmas.  The moment …

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Splendour Labs

Green should be your favourite colour. It heals.

Green is one of my favourite colours. For a very good reason. It is makes me happy. The colour green triggers association sets with palm trees on a tropical faraway beach, lush pot plant foliage, forest walks, lush banana leaves …

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My New Years Resolution

My New Year’s Resolution: Feel Blessed and Be Brave

With the New Year drawing near, I often reflect on what I would like to achieve or do better in 2017. I think I would like to feel more gratitude and have more courage to follow my heart. I think …

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Daydreaming of your next holiday is positive.

Here I am sitting at my desk. It is hard to get going. I’m finding it hard to finish this urgent project. The deadline was yesterday last week. It’s been a long work week already. It’s only 9:33am on a …

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True self_splendourabs

How do you know you are with the right person?

For some reason, every January I have a spate of friends that break up. Many of them are absolutely heartbroken. Statistics says people are more likely to break up between Christmas and Valentine’s Day with a considerable spike in breakups …

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Gucci shoes/Splendourlabs

Why a new pair of shoes doesn’t make you happy for long.

When I broke up with my boyfriend in my early twenties, it seemed the only remedy for my broken heart was a new pair of shoes, a new haircut and a new hobby. They were in fact my signal to …

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Who am I?

When we are asked “who are you?” our answer would most likely be what we do or where we come from. Our answer will most likely be “I’m a lawyer”, I’m a mother”, “ I work in the city” or …

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Why didn’t my Mother tell me about Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology is simply the science of wellbeing. It’s the science of what truly makes us happy. Many people often mistake the science with just thinking positive. I like to see it as the art of “being” and “feeling” energised …

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