The Greatest Gift of All

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to spend your life doing what you love. Since I was a little girl I loved drawing and colours and always hoped Santa would leave me colouring books for Christmas.  The moment I realised I was creative, I knew I was in trouble. Coming from a very conservative Asian family, my path was set before me. I was going to be an accountant. It was my parent’s dream but not mine. I did finish my accounting degree for them but it did not take me long to know it was not sustainable to spend 7 hours a day doing something I did not like. I dragged myself to work at a prestigious chartered accounting firm. It was too good to leave. Although I could do the work – I felt de-energised, restless and even hopeless. Do you feel the same? Maybe it is time to find your courage to follow your talent and strengths. The father of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman says that he found his natural strength was love of learning. He then intentionally found many ways to build this strength into every fabric of his life. He is recognised as a respected researcher and teacher in the field of Positive Psychology and has imbued his love of learning with his children. I have followed his advice. I now try and build creativity into my every day. I produce creative design and marketing campaigns, I’ve written and produced a children’s musical and I serve my boring dinners with micro herbs. Fancy! I find these moments are joyful and filled with contentment. Do you know what your character strengths are? If not, find out by using this respected scientific survey on character strengths.