Green should be your favourite colour. It heals.

Splendour Labs

Green is one of my favourite colours. For a very good reason. It is makes me happy. The colour green triggers association sets with palm trees on a tropical faraway beach, lush pot plant foliage, forest walks, lush banana leaves in my garden, cleansing vegetables, smell of freshly cut grass and my “Mint condition” boost juice. This is just not my imagination. Science proves that mother nature is healing and can replenish the soul.

Positive psychology research showed that people’s moods were enhanced being in the presence of greenery as opposed to not. Hospital patients that had a view of a park as compared to patients who did not have a window, recovered much more quickly. There is a reason why you take flowers for sick people. It elevates their positive emotions, increases their mood and are therefore in a better position to recover. In another study, Norwegian scientists found that complaints of cough and fatigue was reduced by 30% if offices contained plants. So place a pot plant on your desk! Another study showed people are less nervous or anxious when they had a view of nature and/or when indoor plants were present. When neither the window view nor the indoor plants were shown, participants suffered the highest degree of tension and anxiety. So to calm your nerves create some green space or place some flowers in high traffic areas in your house. You can walk yourself out of a bad mood. Studies show that even a 10 minute walk immediately elevates your brain chemistry to increase your happiness. Feeling grumpy? Head for the park.

Give into the lure of the green. Greenery beckons us outside, thereby encouraging us to walk or do something physical. Whether we go for a run or tend the garden – these activities positively affect our mood. In prehistoric times, our ancestors lived outside. It is our natural habitat. Now in modern days we live inside. Transitioning from one enclosed space to another. Home, car, office, gym. And repeat. We all fall into this trap. Therefore you must intentionally find nature. Build it into your home and your lifestyle and feel happier. Green up!

Pic: My gorgeous pot plant in my office.