Daydreaming of your next holiday is positive.

Here I am sitting at my desk. It is hard to get going. I’m finding it hard to finish this urgent project. The deadline was yesterday last week. It’s been a long work week already. It’s only 9:33am on a Monday morning.

If you are feeling like me sometimes, we need motivation to do things we just don’t want to do. It’s at this time I need to call in my power of perseverance – to push myself through. Positive psychology science says to build our motivation we should align our work with things that are meaningful. Yes we can align our work with monetary gain or promotion but what I have found to be very effective for me is to align finishing my work with my next holiday. Feeling positive and therefore happier, makes me more motivated to finish my task at hand. Scientists agree; they found that the anticipation of a favourable event such as a holiday increased people’s feelings of happiness.

To increase your positive emotions, elevate your mood and therefore your ability to be in the best position to deal with difficult situations – do some holiday daydreaming. By booking in your next holiday – you have months of positive anticipation to enjoy your impending holiday. Create reminders of this holiday by placing pictures of your future holiday around your desk, computer and phone screen saver – even behind the bathroom door! Buy your Lonely Planet guide book and start listing out places you want to visit. Invest into that racy bikini you are going to wear. Be proactive and plan out the entire year and feel positive about the New Year! Santorini here I come, but first let me finish this project………..