Who am I?

When we are asked “who are you?” our answer would most likely be what we do or where we come from. Our answer will most likely be “I’m a lawyer”, I’m a mother”, “ I work in the city” or “I come from Middle Park” but in reality there is a deeper element to this question. Who are you really? In reality there is a genuine core essence that makes all of us different and unique – this is one’s “authentic self”. It is this essence which makes us unique. It influences the decisions and life path we choose to take. It is a combination of our strengths, passions and values manifested in inner desires and goals. This is the “real you” or your “authentic self”.  Professor Sue Harter PhD defines being authentic is when “one acts in accord with the true self, expressing oneself in ways that are consistent with the inner thoughts and feelings”. This is where statements like “being true to yourself” or “living your truth” comes to mind. How often to do you feel that you are living a lie or not living your truth”. Why not find out what is the true you.